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Sunday, May 31, 2009

April 18, 2009 - BOOK REVIEW: The Rivers Run Dry

The Rivers Run Dry

Depending on what you're searching for in your next fiction read, you will most likely either love or hate Sibella Giorello's latest work.

The Rivers Run Dry, by Sibella Giorello is definitely not “predictable” Christian fiction. This story isn't neatly wrapped in scripture references and inspirational sayings.

The twists and turns of each chapter coupled with a fast moving plot, motivate the reader to keep turning the pages.

Giorello’s main character, Raleigh Harmon, (FBI Special Agent) finds herself transferred across the country and in the middle of a missing persons case. As she battles homesickness and the difficult Jack Stephanson as her training agent, Raleigh has to learn how to compete in a “man’s world” and prove her competence as an agent.

As the plot thickens and the suspense builds, Raleigh is suddenly running for her life from a corrupt state trooper who goes from co-worker, to kidnapper. Drugged and taken into the woods, Raleigh has to literally fight for her life. Sibella Giorello combines suspense and mystery with interesting characters that ebb and flow and add a variety of surprises to the storyline.

The end of the story leaves you hanging in all the right places – good luck putting this one down!

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