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Sunday, May 31, 2009

April 26, 2009 - BOOK REVIEW: Face of Betrayal

Face of Betrayal

Having never heard of Lis Wiehl and not being familiar with her books, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received Face of Betrayal to review. With my curiosity peaked, I sat down to read this book and could not stop! Intrigued by the fast moving storyline and interesting characters, I was immediately drawn into the chaotic life of Allison Pierce, Federal Prosecutor. As Allison and her co-workers begin unraveling the details of a missing persons case, Allison finds herself in serious danger while also facing one of the most life changing events in her marriage. As you read Face of Betrayal, you are drawn into the “behind the scenes” details of criminal justice and forensics, which season the story perfectly, enticing you to read on.

I like the way Lis changed up her chapters by including the blog of Katie Converse who ends up missing while working as a Senate Page. By reading Katie’s personal thoughts, the reader is able to connect with the missing seventeen year old. This kept the story interesting and fresh and enabled her to have a “voice”. Lis’s experience as a former prosecutor, gives her the insight to weave a brilliant thriller with unexpected twists and surprises. Her knowledge of forensics and pathology add to the believability of the story, without being overly gory and grisly. I highly recommend this book if you’re a mystery fan.

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