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Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 16, 2009 - BOOK REVIEW: Nelson's Illustrated Guide to Religions


The Nelson’s Illustrated Guide to Religions is a comprehensive, well researched resource for those wanting more information on world religions.

Professor James. A. Beverly has spent over 30 years researching his topic, and has compiled a well written guide to over 200 faiths, sects and cults.

This illustrated hard cover has over 800 pages and includes not only historical information for each religion covered, but profiles, key principles and beliefs, as well as detailed timelines, charts, myths and facts, and more.

Not only is this book thorough, it is very interesting and easy to follow from start to finish. The information provided in this guide should answer just about any questions one might have about a featured religion.

One of my favorite aspects of this guide is that it not only covers the well known Protestant denominations such as Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian, but that it also includes information on religions such as Kabbalah, Baha’i and Wicca.

The author gives a variety of ideas as to how to interact with the followers of each religion covered, and offers suggestions of books and internet links if you wish to study a group further.

This guide is literally an “A to Z” reference, and is a must have for pastors, bible students and those wanting to stay abreast or learn more about various religions.

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