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Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 27, 2009 - BOOK REVIEW: Sanity Secrets For Stressed Out Women


Are you overwhelmed and feeling frazzled? If so, Sue Augustine has some powerful words of wisdom that will help you overcome your stress.

The first four chapters of this book, help you identify what areas of your life are out of control and how to get back on track. In Chapter Three, Sue describes the various types of stress and how it affects us. There is a checklist at the end of this chapter so that you can self-evaluate your level of stress and anxiety and identify the main sources of agitation in your life.

Chapters Five through Ten focus on recognizing the stressors and how to take action and isolate specific areas that you need to improve upon. Sue offers great advice on how to recognize the warning signals, identify what you can and cannot control, and be a creative problem solver.

Sue also suggests ways to simplify your life by incorporating healthy practices, learning balance and how to slow down. She talks about the benefits of laughter and rest as well as diet, exercise, thought life and learning contentment.

Being an “organizer” by nature, one of my favorite chapters was “Clear Out the Clutter”, where Sue offers solid practical advice on how to take action if you find yourself drowning in “stuff”. This chapter teaches the readers how to set aside 30 minutes a day and work on a de-cluttering system, which essentially reduces stress in the long run.

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