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Sunday, May 31, 2009

November 12, 2008 - BOOK REVIEW: Through the Storm


Through The Storm, written by Lynne Spears and Lorilee Craker was a bit exasperating to read, as the story is quite piecey and disorganized. Spears tells her story with a lot of Southern charm, but the book just doesn't "flow" as an easy read.

While Lynne Spears divulges quite a bit of her personal family history, (including how her parents met, her childhood in the south and the terminal illness of her sister, Sandra), the story doesn't reveal anything much different than what most of the world already knows about the Spears family.

Most of the book is a repeat of what has already been seen on the news, though Lynne does set the record straight on a couple of tabloid stories.

It also places quite a bit of emphasis on the regrets of Lynne Spears and what she considers to be her parenting mistakes. She describes feeling guilty about sending Britney off with a family friend at the start of her career but then later in the book talks about wishing she had never quit her teaching job to travel full time on tour with Britney.

Lynne mentions her personal faith several times in the bookand how she has relied on it to help her through the barage of media attacks against her family. In her own words, she describes the "tornado of fame" and the aftermath it has left in their life and how her faith in God has sustained her.

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