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Monday, July 27, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Blue Like Play Dough

Blue Like Play Dough

As I began to read Tricia Goyer’s latest book, I found myself captivated by her story. Not being familiar with her work, I wasn’t sure what to expect but found Blue Like Play Dough hard to put down. I became absorbed in her writing from the very first page and started seeing glimpses of myself as she shared her personal experiences.

Growing up without a father, Tricia struggled with insecurities and “hang-ups”, struggling to be good enough and attain the acceptance of others. In her search for love and acceptance she began dating at the tender age of thirteen, and found herself pregnant at fifteen.

After having an abortion, she became pregnant again at age seventeen, resulting in her first child, Cory.

Tricia’s openness and honesty is all throughout this book and as I read, I felt like she was sitting and just sharing her heart with me. Her conversational style is easy to read and I loved the way the pages conveyed her thoughts so clearly. I could feel and picture the events she was describing and could identify with many of her struggles and issues.

I ached as she shared her heartaches and failures, and laughed as she shared humorous memories of days spent home schooling her children. One of my favorite chapters was Martha Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, where Tricia shares the story of her disastrous attempt to impress her husband’s co-workers. I love how she openly shares her struggle with being a perfectionist and how God speaks to her and corrects her.

Another chapter that touched my heart was Brightening the Blue where Tricia talks about feeling overwhelmed and burned out, and learning to seek God (not always first like she wants but eventually) and lean on Him for her strength.

I loved how she described her personal “warning signals” of not spending enough time with God which resulted in her being cranky, irritable and easily frustrated. While many of us can identify with those feelings as a result of not having our time with God, I think few people would admit it so openly and publicly. I appreciated Tricia sharing her personal struggles and victories, as an example to others.

I found Blue Like Play Dough to be encouraging, inspiring and would highly recommend it!

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Tricia Goyer is the author of numerous works of fiction and nonfiction, including Generation NeXt Parenting and the Gold Medallion finalist Life Interrupted. Goyer writes for publications such as Today’s Christian Woman and Focus on the Family, speaks to women’s groups nationwide and has been a presenter at the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) national convention. She and her husband, John, live with their family in Montana.

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