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Saturday, July 25, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: How To Raise A Modern-Day Joseph

How To Raise A Modern-Day Joseph
by Linda Massey Weddle, is a well written guide to help parents, teachers, church leaders and anyone else interested in shaping the lives of children.

The author states that the book is based around the biblical example of Joseph because in spite of coming from a dysfunctional family and being raised in a less-than-perfect environment, Joseph knew, loved and served the Lord.
Joseph’s life reflects five godly character qualities which the author refers to as “Master Life Threads”.

Respect, Wisdom, Grace, Destiny and Perspective make up the “threads” on which this program is based. The first part of the book focuses on giving parents age-appropriate suggestions for their child’s spiritual development, while the second part of the book focuses on ways that the church can partner with parents in the spiritual development of children. Weddle makes it clear that the ideas presented in her book are merely suggestions, and that no parent or church can do everything listed.

Each chapter of this book targets a different stage of a child’s life and focuses on an appropriate life thread or quality. In every chapter, the reader will find a “What They’re Like”, “What They’re Asking”, “What You Can Do”, “Bios and Verses”, “What Not To Do”, “Checklist” and “Family Itinerary” section. Example questions (and answers) are given to help springboard conversations with your child along with ideas and suggestions for bible studies for each stage of growth.

Linda encourages her readers not to despair if their children are older and they have missed a few years – these concepts are good for all ages, including adults.
I found this guide to be very thorough and helpful and would highly recommend it.

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