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Monday, October 5, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Stretch Marks

Kimberly Stuart “delivers” an unexpected wild cast of characters and fast moving plot in Stretch Marks!

The main attraction, Mia Rathbun, is a single woman living the crunchy granola lifestyle in Chicago. Mia’s live in love interest, Lars, is a free spirited writer who promptly exits physically and emotionally once Mia discovers she is pregnant.

Determined to take care of herself and stand on her own two (swollen) feet, Mia finds herself in unfamiliar territory as she begins to assume the role of unwed mother. Finding support in her quirky but faithful group of friends, Mia finds the courage and strength to face not only an unplanned pregnancy, but an unplanned reunion with her mother, Babs. As the journey unfolds, Mia discovers the importance of true love, family and faith.

In an authentic but tender novel about family, grace and the importance of a good grocer, Stretch Marks doesn’t shy away from hard issues and unlikely hope. “Not for the weak of status-quo-heart, Stretch Marks is a relevant story of a daughter who becomes a mother and, in the process, learns to accept her own,” says Stuart.

Stretch Marks takes an unflinching look at sex outside of marriage, pregnancy and divorce and is a fast paced, feel good page turner.

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