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Monday, November 2, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Limelight

Former film star Claudette Fiore’ finds herself in unfamiliar territory when she’s released from a psychiatric hospital only to discover that she’s lost her Beverly Hills home and most of her money due to a dishonest accountant hired by her late husband.

Having lived a life of extreme luxury, she’s at a complete loss on how to start over. At the urging of her step-son Michael, she heads back to her family home in Silverton, California which she inherited from her mother.
Upon moving in, Claudette discovers that her nosy next door neighbor is actually “little Bea”, whom she babysat for. Bea attempts to be a good neighbor which annoys Claudette to no end and in spite of the fact that Claudette desperately needs Bea’s help, she refuses to let on.

While she finds Bea to be obnoxious – she enjoys her company and feels lonely when Bea is not around. Bea’s friendship helps Claudette through the difficulty of facing her sister Violet (who no longer speaks to her) and confronting some secrets from her past.

Attempting to find her domestic roots and doing a very poor job of it, “80-something” Claudette goes from living the “caviar” lifestyle amongst the rich and famous to a tuna fish budget in a run down old house and learns that sometimes the simple life is more genuine and fulfilling than being in the "limelight."

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