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Sunday, November 8, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: Regret-Free Living: Hope for Past Mistakes and Freedom From Unhealthy Patterns

You Can Do Relationships Right

Steven Arterburn, host of the number one Christian counseling talk show, has heard many people talk about their regrets. His latest book talks about how he personally found his way out of shame and regret over some bad choices he made in life, and how we can all live regret-free.

Regret-Free Living shows the reader how to unload all of the bad feelings and thoughts that come from keeping shame bottled up on the inside. The book does not suggest a “feel good” philosophy but rather teaches us that we are to accept responsibility for our actions and work on changing ourselves, with God’s grace, mercy and help.

Steven talks about the signs of unhealthy relationships (resentment, animosity, secrecy, selfishness, etc) and how recognizing these signs, can help us face the reality of what we need to change. Steven is clear to point out that “regret-free” living cannot be accomplished without first and foremost putting our hope and trust in God.

My favorite chapter was Chapter 6, which offers the six qualities necessary for a happy, regret-free relationship. All of the information and advice in this book can be applied to every aspect of life from marriage and parenting to co-workers and business relationships. All throughout the book, Steven uses the truth of God’s Word and scriptures to validate and support his points and advice.

This book was provided for review by Bethany House Publishers

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