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Friday, November 27, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: The Rose Legacy (Diamond of the Rockies, Book One)

Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres to read and I was very happy to review this book by Kristen Heitzmann. 

I’ve read some of her other books that are more of a suspense genre, so I was interested to see what she would do with historical fiction / romance. In The Rose Legacy, Italian heiress Carina Maria DiGratia finds herself in search of a new life after suffering a broken heart and betrayal at the hands of her lifelong love, Flavio. 

Leaving California for Crystal, Colorado, Carina sets out to make a new life for herself after buying a house through the mail. Carina soon discovers that she’s been cheated yet again, when she finds that someone else holds the same deed to the property she’s purchased.

In the midst of prospectors, gold miners and cheaters – Carina isn’t sure who she can trust. When she eventually opens up her heart again to a man who wins her trust, she gives herself in marriage only to discover that her husband may not be the wonderful man she thought he was. 

Reading this emotional story of love, loss and heartache, you begin to wonder just how much this poor woman can endure. Will her marriage survive? Will she be able to forgive Flavio and her sister?  Will she ever have her dream house?

The end of the book is definitely a “cliff hanger” and it left me anxious to get my hands on Book Two, Sweet Boundless.

This book was provided free for review by Bethany House Publishers

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