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Sunday, November 1, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: The Secret of Indigo Moon – The Dopple Ganger Chronicles, Book Two

G. P. Taylor, New York Times Best Selling author, is causing quite a stir and being heralded as "Hotter than Potter" and "The New C.S. Lewis."

The Secret of Indigo Moon will most likely not disappoint those who devoured the first book and are fans of this series.

With dark mysterious looking pages, an attention getting storyline, manga comic illustrations and easy to read print – I’m guessing that this second installment in The Dopple Ganger Chronicles will be as successful (or more so), than the first book, The First Escape.

The illustrations, text and overall design could be best described as “Lemony Snicket meets Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

The series involves three friends (Erik, Sadie and Saskia), who find themselves involved in action packed adventures and solving mysteries. (The Secret of Indigo Moon picks up where the first book left off, so it might be beneficial to read the books in order.)

The story begins with Erik hearing creepy noises outside of his room. Upon investigation, he sees a strange man and quickly discovers that the man isn’t alone. Hiding in the shadows along the way as he follows them, he overhears parts of their conversation which compels him to keep following them and see what they are up to. Intent on staying hot on their trail, Erik follows them into a mysterious dark tunnel and ends up trapped in total darkness.

Will Erik make it out of the tunnel…………?

Are the men connected to the missing headmistress?

You’ll have to read the rest of this book to find out!

For parents who are concerned about sex, profanity and other inappropriate content in the books their teens are reading, they will be happy to discover that G. P. Taylor’s newest series offers adventure, mystery and plots full of twists and turns without the objectionable content. Although I wouldn’t say the book is overly violent, parents should be aware that the storyline could be too intense for younger readers.

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