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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: The Silent Gift

If you have not read any of Michael Landon Jr.'s books - you are missing out!

I had previously read One More Sunrise and was anxious to get my hands on his second book, The Silent Gift.

I could hardly put this book down - it drew me in from the very first chapter and I found myself rushing to get back to the story and find out what happens to Jack, the little boy who is deaf and mute.

Jack's journey begins with a tumultuous birth underwater, after an automobile accident. From there, he and his mother struggle to survive after they are forced to leave home. Jack's father is cruel and calculating and Jack's mother Mary, finds herself fleeing an abusive relationship and winds up homeless.

Hiding from her husband and terrified he'll track her down, Mary takes refuge at the local Salvation Army shelter with her son. While there, Mary discovers Jack's "gift" when she's given a Bible. Having never communicated before, Jack begins drawing "numbers" in the sand which Mary finally correlates to Biblical passages and suddenly Jack is prophesying things that come to pass.

As his "gift" begins to develop it opens doors for Jack and Mary that they never thought possible. But for the many blessings the "gift" also brings curses and threatens to separate Jack from his mother forever. When the media gets winds of Jack and the "gift" is publicized, all kinds of gold diggers come out of the wood work, wanting to exploit Jack and his mother.

Worse yet, Jack's father sees his son's picture in a local newspaper and after years of searching for his son and wife - he goes on the hunt again, determined to bring them both back under his control.

Full of suspense, this book will hold your interest all the way through.

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This book was given to me free for review by Bethany House Publishers

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