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Saturday, January 30, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Shattered, Shaken & Stirred

In a split second life forever took on a different perspective when a drunk driver hit Gil Ahrens and his family head on, going 95 miles per hour.   

Shattered, Shaken & Stirred is the story of that fateful night and how it changed the Ahrens family forever.  Gil’s wife Kim, was still recovering from a C-section after delivering their baby girl (Olivia) three weeks earlier.  Although Kim sustained major injuries, Olivia was uninjured.   

Parts of this story revolve around the correspondence and updates that Gil sent out to family and friends, while he and Kim were recovering.  This is a story of faith, perseverance, commitment and hope.  It is also a story of heartbreak and devastation – the drunk driver who hit the Ahrens family not only injured them but killed his best friend instantly.  The Ahrens later found out that this young man committed suicide not long after giving his testimony in court. Gil states that he not only wrote this book to help “decompress”, de-stress and blow off steam from the accident, but also because he wanted his daughter to know the story of what happened and to remember that life is a gift.   

After reading what the Ahrens family has gone through, I agree with Gil – life is truly a gift and we should make the most of it every day.

This book was provided free for review by The B & B Media Group, Inc.

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