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Friday, January 15, 2010

Library Find Friday: Beyond the Blue by Leslie Gould

Beyond the Blue by Leslie Gould

This book was nearly impossible to put down - I read it some time ago, but wanted to include it in my "Library Find Friday" post, in case you haven't been blessed to discover Leslie Gould.  

Here's a description of the book, straight from the author's website:

Beyond the Blue.............
Two Worlds. Two Women. One Love.

In 1975, an American girl named Genevieve loses her mother when a plane full of orphans crashes in war-ravaged Vietnam. Miles away in the countryside, seven-year-old Lan, a Vietnamese girl, is forced out of her family home by her own brother who has joined the Viet Cong. Worlds apart, these two girls come into womanhood struggling to find a sense of family - and then they find each other. Lan has grown up in the harsh realities of post-war Vietnam, but she yearns for a better life for her children. Meanwhile, Gen marries and, faced with infertility, decides to adopt a child from the country her own mother loved so deeply.

The uncertainty and risk of international adoption threatens to overwhelm both women before their hearts and their families can be healed.

Beyond the Blue is the story of enormous losses, unthinkable choices, and the transforming power of God's love for the children of the world.

If you're interested in the other books Leslie has written, visit:   Leslie Gould


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