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Monday, February 22, 2010

BLOG TOUR: Spring Value Fiction Blog Tour

I chose to review the following two books as part of the Spring Value Fiction Blog Tour:

Book Two in the Northern Lights Series, Deep Harbor, continues with the story of Karl, Kaatje, Elsa and Tora as they begin their new lives in America.   Tora is anticipating and in some ways dreading Trent Storm’s marriage proposal, Elsa is busy with her column for the New York Times, Karl is a partner in the hired coach business and Kaatje is trying to make a living for herself and her children on her small farm.  Throughout this story, their lives richly intertwine as they suffer through tragedy, heartache, failure, romance and success.  This book keeps the readers interest as the scenes change quickly, involving scandal, betrayal, lies, love and faith.  If you’re not familiar with this series, you may want to read Book One, The Captain’s Bride as well, which is where this story begins.

 Beneath A Southern Sky

This is one of those books I could easily read again and again.  Daria Camfield finds herself alone and widowed on the mission field in South America, where her husband has been reportedly killed in a fire after missing for several days.  Though his body is never found, Daria trys to accept her loss.  She is forced to fly back home to the States with the only part of her husband she has left- the growing baby in her womb.  Attempting to heal from her broken heart, Daria slowly begins to learn how to live again.  Adjusting to life as a single mom, she takes a job and moves into her own place.  She meets Colson Hunter, a local veterinarian who becomes not only her boss, but eventually her second husband.   Against her better judgment and the swirling doubts she has in the back of her mind that Nate could still be alive, Daria marries Cole only to find out later that Nate is indeed alive and well.  Daria is faced with the most difficult decision of her life……..having to choose between the two men she has loved.   Definitely a gripping page-turner you don’t want to miss!

These books were provided free for review by Waterbook Multnomah

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