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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Thin Places

Mary DeMuth has written a powerful memoir about her troubled childhood and the sexual abuse she endured.  This book touched my heart deeply, because I can relate to so much of what Mary shares in this book.        

Her words ripped at my heart as she described the shame and guilt she experienced.  The feelings of being completely on her own, fending for herself, vulnerable and unprotected took me back to a painful place in my own childhood.  I ached not only for her and myself, but all the other children who have had their innocence stolen.

Father’s Day is never easy for the fatherless,
half-orphaned, starved to the bone,
for Daddy love no man can fill…………. (page 23)

The poem that Mary wrote about missing her dad was very painful to read – anyone who has lost their daddy can relate, I’m sure.  Her sorrow and agony is so transparent but I love how she compares this loss to Jacob wrestling with God.   Those of us who have experienced losing our father as part of our childhood, are forever marked with a “limp”.   I found that simple example to be so profound.  We forever carry the limp, the injury that never seems to heal, but leads us back time and time again, to Him

I respect Mary’s decision to write this memoir – I’m sure it wasn’t easy to share the deepest, darkest parts of her childhood as well as how all of her experiences have affected her as an adult. Readers who have suffered similar abuse or losses in their own lives will "get" [understand] this book.  Thin Places isn't a "self help" book, nor does it outline the steps to recovery.  It is more of a journal in which the author shares her feelings, thoughts and experiences of growing up in spite of dysfunction.  

It is raw - emotional and hard to read, at times - yet hopeful and healing as well.

Mary puts into words what most of us have never been able to lay down on paper or verbalize – maybe because of fear or shame.   I applaud Mary for bringing an emotionally raw and sensitive subject to light and being an inspiration to those who have walked a similar road. 

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Mary DeMuth said...

Thank you for reading the book and offering this beautifully written review. I so appreciate it!