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Friday, February 26, 2010

Library Find Friday: Could I Have This Dance by Harry Kraus, M.D.

Could I Have This Dance? - Claire McCall Series Book 1

Claire McCall is used to fighting back against the odds. Hard work, aptitude, and sheer determination have helped her rise from adverse circumstances to an internship in one of the nation's most competitive surgical residencies. But talent and tenacity mean nothing in the face of the discovery that is about to rock her world.

It's called the "Stoney Creek Curse" by folks in the small mountain town where Claire grew up. Behind the superstition lies a reality that could destroy her career. But getting to the truth is far from easy in a community with secrets to hide. As a web of relationships becomes increasingly tangled, two things become apparent. One is that more than one person doesn't want Claire to probe too deeply into the "Stoney Creek Curse." The other is that someone has reasons other than the curse for wanting Claire out of the picture permanently.

Somewhere in the course of pursuing her career as a surgeon, Claire lost touch with the God who called her to it. Now she realizes how desperately she needs him. But can she reclain a faith strong enough to see her through this deadly dance of circumstances?

Author Harry Kraus peaked my interest when I discovered that he was a surgeon in real life as well as a fantastic author.  Harry began writing his first novel during his last year of surgical training, when he was chief resident.  From there not only has his medical career blossomed, but his gift of writing has made a place for him the literary world.

I love the fact that Harry writes some very intense, gritty, medical fiction without crossing over into the secular trends of adding sex, profanity.  I haven't read a Harry Kraus book that I haven't enjoyed - if you're looking for a new author to add to your "favorites" list, take the time and find one of Harry's books!

Could I Have This Dance is one of the first series books I read - however, The Chairman (a stand-alone) is also another excellent book to look for.

For a complete listing of books, visit Harry's website at: 

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