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Monday, March 1, 2010

BLOG TOUR: What's In The Bible? Blog Tour and GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Official Stop On The What's In The Bible Blog Tour

Fans of Veggie Tales, get ready because Phil Vischer is back with a delightful new project called “What’s In The Bible?” 

On the review copy that I was given, Phil takes time to talk about the purpose behind his creation of Veggie Tales and how those original plans went awry.  He openly and honestly admits that he lost sight of his calling which was to simply converse with children and take them deeper into the Bible.  I really hope that this is included on each of the new dvds because it is an excellent testimony.  He talks about the bankruptcy of Veggie Tales and how God began to speak to him regarding the mistakes he made.   

This new project (What’s In The Bible?) is birthed out of Phil’s calling and passion to teach children about God and the Bible.  

65% of Christian kids that grow up in church, stop attending church and abandon their faith once they graduate.  Phil’s vision is to strengthen the foundation of children and help them become rooted and grounded - ultimately lowering the percentage of children who grow up and give up on their faith.

What’s In the Bible? is vibrant, colorful, and paced to hold a child’s interest.  Very similar to the style of Veggie Tales, this series has funny songs and interesting puppet characters like “Buck Denver” the news anchor, “Chuck Wagon” the singing cowboy and “Sunday School Lady” who has a magic flannel graph board.   “In the Beginning” and “Let My People Go” are the first two dvd’s in this brand new series.

As cute and colorful as this series is, it’s also very solid in the Bible and includes bible facts, statistics and vocabulary explanations such as “covenant means a promise”.   Phil shows the viewers a variety of bibles, including a cell phone version.  Phil’s goal is to take kids from one end of the bible to the other, and I think he has successfully accomplished this with the new series.

There are quick changing scenes, “news style” clips, puppets, animated cartoon figures as well as real people in the cast.  In one episode, a variety of kids are interviewed and asked the question “Who wrote the Bible?”  Their responses are very cute.

Character qualities such as cooperation, sharing, getting along and working together are also taught.  Overall, I think this is a fantastic resource for parents, grandparents and anyone else looking to reinforce their children’s knowledge of the Bible.

From the Publisher:
Phil is passionate about being able to teach kids more than just Christian values; he wants to help them discover that the Bible is more than just the stories of Jonah and David by teaching them what is actually in the Bible and how all the stories fit together.

Kids today consume a staggering five hours of media each day, and may spend about one hour a week in church. Seven out of ten American adults believe kids receive inadequate spiritual instruction

For conservative Christians, the number rises to nine out of ten. It’s no wonder the Church is so biblically illiterate:

·         64% of Americans said they did not read the Bible because they are too busy.

·         In a report on America’s religious illiteracy, USA Today reported that 50% of high school seniors think Sodom and Gomorrah were married.

·         A 2000 study showed that 60% of evangelical Christians believed that Jesus was born in Jerusalem rather than Bethlehem.

·         Only half of American adults can name even one of the four Gospels

Phil’s series, What’s In the Bible?, is part of the solution to the problem of biblical illiteracy. This 13-part DVD series will take you through the entire Bible—Genesis through Revelation—in a format that provides the best of biblical education for kids. The first two DVDs, In the Beginning and Let my People Go, will take you and your kids through Genesis and Exodus through hilarious new characters, catchy songs, and engaging animation.

For more information on this new series and to order, visit these sites:


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This Advanced View Copy DVD was provided free for review by Tyndale House Publishers


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These stats are shocking and eye opening! I'm following, and tweeting!

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I would love to win this for my soon to turn 4 yr old Veggie tales fan!

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I would love to win this! My kids would think it's awesome ... but who am I kidding? I want it for myself. :)

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I watched the video review and completely enjoyed it! It is something adults can enjoy as much as kids!

Please include me in your drawing.

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Angela said...

This series is awesome. I remember watching some of the segments on jelly telly and wishing they were available on DVD. It is good stuff!