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Monday, March 29, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Greater Love - Tides of Truth Series, Book Three

Tammy Lynn Taylor is fresh out of law school and ready to take the bar exam.   She already has more than one job offer and is courting a young man for the first time in her life.   

The future is bright and full of promise and also full of confusion.  Homeschooled until the ninth grade, Tammy was raised a conservative Christian and has a strong commitment to her faith.  She worries that she’ll be pressured to compromise her convictions when she takes a job with a law firm.  She’s also starting to have thoughts about marriage and family and how it will all fit in with a career.  Tammy worries over the choices she’s making and yet doesn’t realize her life is about to be rocked like never before when she is assigned her first client, a teenage runaway.

Tammy is confused about love, life in general and what she really wants out of her career.  When another young man shows interest in her, Tammy second guesses her decisions even more.

Having not read the first two books in this series, I wasn’t familiar with any of the characters or background, but thought the story was good overall.  (Normally, I read series books in order so as not to miss any important details.)

If you’re interested in reading this series in order, you may want to look for:

Book One:  Deeper Water
Book Two:  Higher Hope

To learn more about the author  Robert Whitlow, visit:

This book was provided free for review by BookSneeze (Thomas Nelson Publishers)

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