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Thursday, March 4, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: The Rewards Of Simplicity


“Simplification is not about making life easier.  It is about clearing away the cobwebs that obscure our vision.  It is about choosing the “good part” and discarding the rest.”  [page 194]

Pam and Chuck Pierce, both ordained ministers, share their experiences of living a simplified life and what changes they have made in The Rewards of Simplicity.   Although their ideas may not work for everyone, you might be able to incorporate some of their suggestions into your life.  They address the importance of taking a Sabbath rest, overcoming stress, decluttering and how to make simplicity a reality.  According to the authors, this lifestyle of simplicity has brought them peace and rest.   If you long for a simpler time and a slower pace - this book will help you get back to the basics of life.

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This book was provided free for review by Bethany House Publishers

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