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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Book Review: Run Baby Run (The Nicky Cruz Story)

Run Baby Run captivated me!  I love true stories and found this at my local library.   

It's the life story of Nicky Cruz, an out of control, demonized young man who moved from Puerto Rico to New York at the age of 15 after being raised (not very well) by ungodly parents who were spiritualists and practiced witchcraft to make a living.  

My heart ached as I read what Nicky endured and was exposed to as a child - anyone who reads his story will realize that only the power of God can restore, transform and deliver even those deemed hopeless.

Nicky struggled to survive on the violent streets of New York, and turned to gang life to fill the void of "family" that he longed for.   Nicky eventually became a gang leader and carried out vicious and brutal crimes.   You can read a brief version of his testimony here.

After being ministered to on the streets of New York, by David Wilkerson, Nicky accepted Christ and left behind his life of gangs, violence, crime and drugs behind to help Pastor Wilkerson run Teen Challenge.

This book touched my heart and motivated me to pray even harder for those in my own life who have been labeled "hopeless" or "too far gone" - Nicky's conversion is a miracle!

Purchase the book here

Learn more about Nicky

Run Baby Run Movie:

1 comment:

Jen Childers said...

I got to hear Nicky speak when he was in Shelby, NC last month.
He has a clear focus on how to reach people and its great.
Often adults add to the problem of violence accidentally or on purpose.
The book is super. It's inspirational and gives the reader hope to make thier own lives better.
take care,