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Friday, April 16, 2010

Book Review: Sing – A Novel Of Colorado (Book Two of the Homeward Trilogy)

Sing by Lisa T. Bergren continues the story of the St. Clair family and focuses on the characters of Odessa, Moira and Dominic.  

 I have not read the first book in this trilogy (Breathe), so I was not familiar with any of the characters or their background.  The first chapter of the book jumps around so it was a little confusing for me to keep up with who was doing what. 

In the very first chapter we learn that Moira is in Paris making her living as an opera singer and discovers her bank account severely depleted – most likely by her manager.  Then the scene changes to the Circle M Ranch in Colorado where Odessa lives with her husband Bryce McAllan and their 7 month old son, Samuel.  The family finds themselves buried in snow, with more on the way.  Over 100 of their horses are dead, and they fear they might not be able to make enough money to survive in the summer. 

The scene changes yet again and we’re in Rio de Janeiro, where Dominic (Nic) is forced to work off his debt to an angry ship captain, who gambles on Nic in a boxing match that ends up costing the captain big money.   Taken forcibly and shanghaied, Nic has no choice but to go with the shipmates who overpower him.

The chapter ends in Canon City, Colorado where Reid Bannock, a prisoner working on the chain gang, maintains his grudge against the members of the St. Clair family who ultimately caused him to be sent to prison. Hoping to be released early from prison, based on good behavior, Reid is determined to follow up on a tip to locate the possible ancient treasure of gold buried in Samuel O’Toole’s mine.

Because of so many characters involved, I do think it would be helpful to read the first book, prior to reading this one, because Sing seems to refer back to things that happened in Breathe (such as Reid Bannock hiring help and attempting to kill Odessa and her family).  Reid was also attracted to Moira and got his heart broken in Breathe, so he ends up kidnapping her in Sing, determined to make her and the St. Clair family pay for their injustice towards him. 

I think that having known the background of this story, would’ve made this more enjoyable for me to read – otherwise, the story jumps around a bit.

From the Publisher

It's 1886 and the St. Clairs are living out their dreams in three very separate parts of the world--Paris, Brazil and Colorado. And while each has found a measure of success and joy, each are haunted by past sins and secrets. As they face the biggest challenges of their lives--including facing off with an old enemy--each must discover the power of homecoming, and what it means to sing praises to God, even in the midst of loss.

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