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Sunday, April 4, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Walk Like You Have Somewhere To Go

“Lucille, walk like you have somewhere to go.”, is a statement that Lucille O’Neal’s pastor gave her many years ago when she was a self-conscious teenager. 

Lucille’s unusual height of six feet by the time she was twelve years old only added to her feelings of unhappiness as she was growing up in her grandparent’s home.   

As the middle child, struggling to understand her parents divorce, Lucille felt the need to be the “fixer” in her family and took on a large amount of responsibility at a very young age.  Lucille had no idea that she would end up the mother of a famous NBA basketball star (Shaquille O’Neal) and someday live in a mansion. 

She never imagined the plans that God had in store for her, when at the tender age of seventeen she faced her mother and grandmother and her unexpected pregnancy.  At a time when unwed pregnancy brought shame and disgrace to the entire family, Lucille was determined to stand strong and raise her son even though his father didn’t stick around.

Around the time Shaquille turned two years old, Lucille eventually married and had more children.  The man who became her husband is partly responsible for discovering Shaquille’s talent on the basketball court, and is the man who Shaquille has always called “dad”.    This book details the triumphs and trials of Lucille and her family, and what it was like to be the mom of a future NBA star when the colleges and scouts came calling.

If you enjoy a good “rags to riches” story, this is one book you’ll want to read.  

I cannot give this book 5 stars, due to the fact that I do not agree with Lucille's statement on pages 180 - 181 that God gave her "signs" to leave her marriage. She states in the book that she and her husband Phil had "grown apart" and that she was "unhappy" in her marriage. She talks about feeling like they led two separate lives, but at the same time she mentions going on the road with Shaquille while leaving her other children at home with their father for long periods of time.  At no time does she mention infidelity or adultery (which I believe is the only biblical grounds for divorce between Christians).  She admits on page 180 that Phil did NOT want a divorce.  She does not mention any attempts at counseling or reconciliation, so I think this is a bad example for other Christians who may be unhappy in their marriage and looking for an easy way out.   There are two sides to every story and maybe there are things that Lucille didn't share in this book.  Based on what she *did* share, it doesn't appear that she had biblical grounds for her divorce but simply left Phil based on her feelings.

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kim said...

I had the same feeling about this book and especially the comments on pages 180-181. My heart sank when I read her words regarding her marriage, and God giving her signs to leave her marriage. I appreciate that there is another reviewer who also saw this and felt compelled to note it as well.

ANE said...

I am with you ladies on this subject. I also, agree that she did not have biblical grounds for her divorce. I have personally struggled with this in my own life. I am glad to see two other women standing for what id right in God's eyes!!