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Friday, April 23, 2010

Solemnly Swear by Nancy Moser


If you haven't had the opportunity to read Nancy Moser's books, take time to look her up!  The first book of hers that I read was Crossroads and because it was so interesting, I decided to read Solemnly Swear, which I found at my local library.

Solemnly Swear is about a pregnant woman on trial for the murder of her boyfriend. As you read deeper into this story, a doctor and his wife become involved in trying to "rig" the trial for their own personal gain.  The doctor's wife is coincidentally summoned to serve on the jury and from there, the story takes twists and turns and draws you in.  This book held my interest the entire time and was a good example of just how far some people will go, to cover their tracks and hide their own sins.

About The Book:
Patti McCoy, a kitchen worker at a local resort, is accused of killing her boyfriend, Brett Lerner, the restaurant's maitre d'. But was she simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? It's up to the jury to decide. Each member comes from a different background, but one in particular has a lot at stake by being on this jury. Her husband was actually the last person to see the victim alive. The circumstantial evidence against Patti, however, is piling up, and the jury--although torn--has no alternatives. Will the real murderer be discovered before it's too late?

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