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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Book Review: David Cornerstone A Story Of Faith

Self-published author, Faye Hunter, has written a book for children and youth in hopes of spreading a message that all they need is JESUS.   In a world that saturates our children with demonic supernatural influences, Faye is attempting to spread a positive message and show children that they can turn to God (and HIS supernatural power) in times of distress.

In David Cornerstone A Story of Faith, Hunter writes about a young boy, David, who comes face to face with an invisible enemy (cancer) and the prospect of losing his father.   

When David’s father is diagnosed with a brain tumor, the family uses their faith in God to push away the fear that grips their hearts and minds and battles the enemy that threatens to rip their family apart.  As David falls asleep, he has a dream in which he fights the evil forces of the enemy with the help of Gabriel (the archangel).  When he awakens from his dream, he learns that his father has received some very good news – the cancer in his brain is gone.  The family is overjoyed at their miracle and praises God.

With so many families experiencing illness, I do think that this subject is a great springboard for a children’s story, however I’m not confident that all children will understand some of the terms that Hunter uses such as “corporate prayer”, “legions”, “obliterate”, “prostrate”, “ascended”, etc.   

Though the book doesn’t state what age group it is aimed at, the wording does seem to be geared toward older, independent readers. 

I’m also concerned that the message portrayed in this book (ask and you shall receive) may be a bit misleading and simplistic. Not everyone who asks God for healing receives it the exact same way David’s father does in this story.  I am concerned that some children may read this book and be given false hope only to feel very let down - possibly ending up mad at God if their parent or loved one doesn’t beat cancer or sickness the way David’s father overcomes it in this story.

As someone who lost her father to cancer at a very young age, I know how desperate children become and grasp at any last hopes of saving their parent.   

I think that the author had a good overall idea in writing this book but may have missed the mark in ministering to children who may be living with a terminally ill parent.

The author stated in her introduction letter that she is using proceeds from the sales of this book towards her non-profit organization, OLIVE BRANCH HOME FOR NEGLECTED ABUSED AND ABANDONED CHILDREN.  

For more information about this organization, please contact Faye directly at

This book was provided free for review by the author, Faye Hunter.

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