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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Book Review: Glaen

I read this book in one sitting!  It was interesting to read because going in, I realized it was something of a “self-help” relationship book, yet it read like a story.

Annie, the main character, is studying relationships as part of her writing assignment (or so she thinks).  What she ends up learning through her research benefits her personally and also educates the reader as we follow Annie and her journey. 

When she meets Glaen Breuch (and you’ll want to come back later and analyze his name some more), a professor who is offering an Original Non-Fiction class, Annie is eager to sign up.  On the first day of class, Annie is the only student to show up.   This doesn’t deter Professor Breuch – he teaches the class as if it were full and begins to help Annie think deeply about what she would like to write about.  Though Glaen is quirky and geeky most of the time – he’s very unusual and Annie is amazed at how much wisdom he imparts with each class.

I think the author brilliantly wove the summary points he was trying to make into a story that everyone can relate to.  We all have an “Annie” in our life (or maybe we are her) and everyone at times, questions their relationships – be it with friends, parents or a significant other.   I appreciated the insights that this book offers and how gently, yet effectively, the author weaves God and faith into the storyline.

There is also a study guide to go along with this book at:

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