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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Book Review: Operation Worship Holy BIble: Homefront Edition

This is a very small bible!

If you're looking for a bible that is compact and easy to carry, this would probably suit your needs.   My biggest issue is with the print - it is SO tiny and tedious that it's very hard for me to read and would not be something that I would purchase for personal use.

What I do like about this bible is the very back page which gives you several options of how to share a bible with a member of the military or armed forces.

If you are on active military duty or a loved one of a member of the armed forces, you can go to   

There, you should find instructions on how to sign in and request a free copy of this bible for yourself or a family member.

If you purchase this bible at a bookstore, there is an address in the back where you can send it and it will be given to a member of the military or armed forces. There are also blank pages where you can write a note of encouragement before sharing it with someone else.

(This bible is written in the New Living Translation)

This bible was provided free for review by Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

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