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Thursday, June 24, 2010

BOOK REVIEW: Scars and Stillettos

Sex sells – even when marketed under the label of “Christian”.  

I had such high hopes for this book and was HUGELY disappointed.   I assumed that since the author is a Christian, her story would be tastefully told.   Not so. 

This book is a very secular auto-biography about a former stripper.  While the author does eventually give credit to Jesus for delivering her out of her former lifestyle, the majority of this book is about her past, complete with profanity and detailed graphic descriptions.   

Even the front cover appears to be mildly provocative with Harmony looking the part of a “dancer” (or maybe teenage pop star?).  The subject matter alone should create enough curiosity to boost book sales without marketing the author in such a worldly manner.  

I was so let down as I began to read this book and found God’s name taken in vain (and the curse was spelled out!). (p. 26)  This is a book that seems to focus more on the “how to’s” and the gritty details of being an exotic dancer than it does on Harmony’s deliverance from the industry and living out life as a Christian.  

I think this book was written prematurely and the author was horribly misguided.  Harmony should have had better mentoring before writing this - her publisher and writing mentors definitely did not do her any favors. Hopefully they didn't see dollar signs and jump at her story, using her for the profit and sales.  What a terrible thought for a woman who has struggled to leave selling herself so far behind. 

She could have told her story in a way that completely glorified Christ and made her point, without glamorizing the strip clubs.  In some chapters, her story telling came off almost boastful or prideful as she described the men that she would never “give a second glance” to in real life, yet she worked them over in the clubs to get their money.   

I think most people who pick up a book like this are looking for the story of how a girl meets Christ and ends up set free - not the steps a stripper takes to make sure she's ready for the stage. The worst part is that this book will sell and someone will profit.   Another piece of evidence that you can get just about anything published under the Christian genre in the days we live in. 

This book was shared with me for free by a fellow reviewer.

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