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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cafe Lily's Review Guidelines, Rules and Such

Café Lily Review Guidelines


Publishers and authors are invited to direct all requests for review of their item(s) to:

With your inquiry, please include the book's title in the subject line of your email.  In your actual email message, please indicate the book's genre and intended audience.

I will NOT review the following genres:   
Erotica, Mature/Adult/Pornographic, GLBT, Occult, Paranormal, Horror, etc.

I reserve the right to deny a request for review of any material I do not feel comfortable with. 

At this time, I also do not review “E-Books”, PDF, self-published or the like.  

I prefer to read mainly what you see discussed on this blog – Christian fiction, Christian Historical Fiction, Inspirational, Biographies, Auto Biographies, etc.    

While I am not a professional in the sense of having a career in publishing, nor a degree in Journalism/English/Writing, I have been an avid reader all of my life and know what I like in a book. 

Everyone has different preferences in reading material and my reviews and opinions will reflect my honest assessment of each book I review.  Please keep in mind when contacting me, that not every review will be positive, nor will I “fluff” up my reviews in order to stay on the good side of a publisher or author. 

I try not to accept offers to review a book that I know I am going to dislike or that won’t hold my interest.  Please do not contact me if you are uncomfortable with this level of honesty in a reviewer.   

I do not “slam” a book or an author for the sake of controversy or because I’m having a bad day.  If I do not love the book, I will say so yet will do my very best to give constructive criticism.  With every review, both positive and negative, I attempt to detail specifically what aspects of the book I did or did not enjoy.

The books I read and review are supplied to me free by publishers and authors, or may be books I’ve purchased or borrowed from the library.  I write a review whether I like the book or not even if I don't finish it, which is very very rare.  I do my very best not to take on more books than I can read within a reasonable amount of time.

With every book that I read, I am first a READER and then a reviewer.  I am fully aware that I may not be the target audience of the book I am reviewing and my tastes may differ.  My reviews are written primarily for the general public who may be looking to buy the book and want to know the good, the bad and the ugly before they pay for it. Sometimes those readers stumble upon my blog and either really appreciate my honesty or are appalled by it.

I have found that many fellow book lovers value an honest opinion rather than a sales pitch, which is the main goal of this book review blog.

These guidelines are subject to change and are sometimes dictated by 
the whims and moods of the blog owner. 

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