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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Flight To Heaven

Captain Dale Black, a retired airline pilot, spent six years working on his autobiography, which would tell the story of his trip to Heaven.  Although he was content to keep his experience private, after forty years of silence, Dale felt that God led him to share his story publicly.

Flight To Heaven is the account of the horrific plane crash in 1969 that Dale miraculously survived, while the other two men in the plane perished. Although Dale was in a coma, he tells of an out of body experience in which he went to Heaven and in this book, he describes what he experienced while there. 

Unlike other near death experience books, Flight To Heaven does not solely focus on Dale’s time in Heaven. Only two chapters of the book contain in-depth detail about his experience there. The majority of this book revolves around the actual crash, Dale’s recovery process and how it came to be that he actually remembered his time in Heaven.

Dale conquered many challenges in his recovery process through the grace of God and was miraculously healed in spite of being told that he would never walk again, or have normal vision. Believing with all of his heart that he would be able to fly again as a pilot, Dale put his faith in God and faced some very hard decisions during the process of his recovery.  One year later, on the anniversary of the plane crash, Dale passed the FAA physical which gave him a clean bill of health and enabled him to fly.   

Dale dedicated his anniversary flight to God and flew over the crash site, telling the tower “with God nothing shall be impossible.”

Flight to Heaven is the inspirational story of a man’s faith in God and his determination to live.

This book was provided free for review by Bethany House Publishers

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