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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Cool Woman

Lieutenant Bill Mann, has a past that has forced him to assume another’s identity to save his own life.  
As he lives out his dream of becoming an Air Force pilot and marries the love of his life, Bill’s past begins to catch up with him in Vietnam.  As he falls deeper into alcoholism and faces losing everything, including his wife, Bill is forced to take a long hard look at where his life is headed.  
This is definitely an interesting page-turner full of action, love, heartache and secrets.  This book combines war and military history with the story of one man’s redemption and his fight to bury the past.

This book was provided free for review by Fidelis Books.


When I was eight years old, I saw Flying Tigerswith John Wayne and knew I wanted to be a pilot. After graduating from Mississippi State University, I joined the Air Force. My career in the cockpit was nothing less than a thirty-five-year answer to a young boy’s unspoken prayer. With three tours in Southeast Asia behind me, I left the Air Force to work for Delta Air Lines. I flew for Delta for twenty-eight years and retired from the cockpit in 1997.

When I retired, I was a man who would rather be digging post holes with a popsickle stick than be trapped in a house. Then, in January of 2002, my wife watched God transform me into a man who hungers to hide in a room in front a computer monitor, trying to shape words into pictures.

Abiding Darkness, Wedgewood Grey and And If I Die—The Black or White Chronicles—concerned themselves with spiritual warfare and fit well in the thriller/suspense genre. The Cool Womanis an action/adventure novel with a Viet Nam War setting; the protagonist is a cool and competent fighter pilot.

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