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Monday, July 26, 2010

Driftwood Lane

One unexpected phone call changes Meridith Ward’s life drastically.  Settled into her busy life in St. Louis with an established career, Meridith is busy with work and planning her wedding.   

In one fateful moment, she suddenly finds herself facing distant memories, old heartaches and new challenges.  When she receives the news that her estranged father and step-mother are dead, Meridith finds herself the sole guardian of three siblings that she’s never met, along with the family’s bed and breakfast in Nantucket.  

As Meridith travels to Nantucket, she plans to stay there only temporarily until she can contact the children’s uncle and transfer guardianship to him and sell the bed and breakfast.  Unfortunately, “Uncle J” is a carefree, motorcycle loving, bachelor and is very hard to track down.  Meridith finds herself staying longer than she plans when Uncle J. is nowhere to be found and the bed and breakfast inn needs major repairs before she can put it up for sale.

In the course of gathering bids and hiring a contractor for the repairs, Meridith meets Jake, a handyman (who much to Merdith’s frustration), intrigues her.  Although Meridith is determined to keep their relationship all business, she cannot deny that her heart beats a little quicker when Jake is around and she somehow winds up a bumbling mess.  Infuriated with herself that this man makes her feel so unsettled, Meridith is determined to stick to her plans and get out of Nantucket as fast as possible.

But sometimes, as this story indicates, God’s plans for our life are much different than our own.  Driftwood Lane is a sweet romantic read – perfect for the long, hot days of summer.

This book was provided free for review by BookSneeze (Thomas Nelson Publishers)

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