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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Jesus You Can't Ignore

“We can learn a lot from observing how Jesus dealt with false religion and its purveyors.  The boldness with which He assaulted error is very much in short supply today, and the church is suffering because of it.”   The Jesus You Can’t Ignore, John MacArthur, P. 198

The acceptance of false doctrine and error is permeating the church body very rapidly.  Author John MacArthur pens a very strong message in his latest book The Jesus You Can’t Ignore, that is meant to rebuke sleepy Christians who are no longer defending the teachings of Christ.  MacArthur travels chronologically through scripture to point out that contrary to popular belief, Jesus wasn’t accepting and tolerant nor did he intellectually converse (as so popular amongst the postmodern community) with those who opposed him.  Instead, Jesus was consistently direct and hard hitting with his approach in dealing with the Pharisees, Sadducees and others who believed differently than what he taught.

The picture that the bible actually paints of Jesus Christ is much different than the “mamby pamby” stereotype being marketed in today’s society.   Jesus wasn’t a beatnik, hippified drifter who lived his life with a “whatever” attitude.  He wasn’t a man pleaser and he didn’t shy away from offending those who attempted to spread heresy.  This book is a good reminder for those who have chosen to follow Christ, that while we are not to seek out or initiate conflict, sometimes it is necessary and essential to defend biblical truth when souls are at stake.  Followers of Christ should have a “zero tolerance” policy against anyone who is teaching an altered Gospel.

This book was provided free for review by BookSneeze (Thomas Nelson Publishers)


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