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Monday, July 19, 2010

Missing Max

Although Jane Madison isn’t a huge fan of Mardi Gras Day, she reluctantly agrees to chauffeur her teenage daughter to the event when her husband Kyle gets stuck at work and can’t keep his promise to take her.

Having her best friend Christine with her makes the day a little more bearable, especially since she will have extra help with her six month old son, Max. 

Tragedy strikes when Jane leaves to go buy some food and Christine attempts to help a woman who faints nearby.  Max’s teenage sister, Melanie, is distracted from tending her baby brother by some cute boys in the parade and when she turns around, Max is gone.

As the family tries to piece together what has happened, hours turn into days which turn into months and Max is still missing.  The family slowly begins to implode and turn against each other, as each one blames the other for what has happened.  Jane and her husband Kyle are both very driven, highly ambitious attorneys who had begun to grow apart before Max was abducted, and this blow to their family threatens to break them up for good.  

As Jane, Kyle and Melanie all try to get a handle on their grief they end up isolating themselves from each other instead of using the tragedy to draw closer as a family unit. Missing Max is a classic example of how grief, guilt and frustration over the loss of a child takes a heavy toll on families.  This book is full of drama, suspense and action with lots of unexpected twists and turns in between.

This book was provided free for review by Howard Books /  A Division of Simon & Schuster

PURCHASE Missing Max

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