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Sunday, August 1, 2010


Wow – this book was bizarre, dark, unpredictable and creepy! 

I had no idea what I was in for as I began to read it, and I wasn’t sure exactly what happened when I finished it.    

If this would have been the very first book of Travis Thrasher’s that I had picked up, I don’t know that I would have been motivated to read his others.  I don’t exactly enjoy feeling SCARED while I read and this one definitely scared me out of my wits!   

At the same time, although I was feeling a little freaked out while reading this, it was hard to put down.  Thrasher definitely has the shock factor going on and hooks his readers with outrageous suspense – so much so, that it’s like watching a train wreck.  You can’t seem to tear your eyes away although you suspect it could end badly.

The first book I read of Thrasher’s was Blinded, which I enjoyed more than this one.  Others have dubbed him “Steven King-ish” and I agree – Travis definitely has his own style of writing and it’s not the usual Christian fiction.  I’m not sure that “Christian Horror” is a good description, yet “Suspense” doesn’t seem to fit or do the book justice.

Without giving the entire book away, I will say that I never saw the ending coming.  It was a complete shock to me and once again – Travis manages to keep his readers guessing all the way to the end.   This is definitely one NOT to start reading at bedtime or if you’re easily spooked.

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Suzanne said...

And that's the only reason I haven't started mine yet! Did you ever read Sky Blue? It's my favorite of his. AMAZING.

Noah said...

I was wondering how you get books from the B&B Media group. Is there a link I can go to in order to sign up?

Cafe Lily Book Reviews said...


Thanks for stopping by. If you check out my sidebar on the right hand side of my page, there is a graphic for The B & B Media group.

The link is:

CarlybirdK said...

I am getting ready to start reading Solitary and as is my custom, I went to to read some of the other reviews and I loved yours. It actually had me laughing out loud. Now I'm reading looking forward to jumping in. Thanks!

Cafe Lily Book Reviews said...

I recently found Sky Blue at the library and so I decided to give it a try....55 pages in and I just couldn't get into it. Maybe it's just me?

Blinded, by far, was the book I enjoyed most by Travis.

~Cindy~ said...

I SO LOVED this book, it was awesome, sufficiently creepy enough to keep my interest..totally stoked waiting for the next one!!!