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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Christians Are Hate Filled Hypocrites And Other Lies You’ve Been Told

We all know that media tends stretch and exaggerate information and make “mountains out of mole hills”, much of the time.  In his latest book, Bradley Wright, PhD, sets out to expose the lies of both secular and Christian media and shatter the hyped up myths about Christians in general. 

Does this book accomplish his goal?  I’m not sure, but I do sense that a book like this may stir the pot and cause controversy, based on Wright’s research and statements.

According to his research, Wright claims that statistics regarding Christians (Evangelicals) are distorted by the media.  For example, according to Wright, the divorce rate amongst Christians is actually lower than those who don’t claim any religious affiliation.  This of course goes against the information most of us have heard about the divorce rates being the same for believers and non-believers.  

Some reports have even said that divorce rates were higher amongst Christians. Wright also hits the stereotype of Evangelicals being mostly poor, white, Southern and uneducated.  In this book, Wright intends to show how bad news and tabloid sensationalism has pushed aside the Good News of the Gospel that Christians stand for. Being a sociologist, Wright really enjoys statistics and offers plenty of them to combat the information that has long presented Christians in a negative light.  

I don’t know if those who already have a bad taste in their mouth toward evangelicals will be interested in this book, but Wright may find himself with a varied audience.  If you are NOT a fan of charts, graphs, statistics, numbers, facts and sociological information, you may want to avoid this book.

This book was provided free for review by Bethany House Publishers

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