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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fear No Evil by Robin Caroll

5 stars to Robin Caroll for another brilliant title!  Robin won me over again, and is definitely on my “favorite author” list!

If you enjoy a gritty, suspenseful read that will keep you on the edge of your seat but want to skip the profanity and sex found in most secular novels, Robin Caroll's books may be your answer.  

I happily devoured Fear No Evil, after reading Deliver Us From Evil, which was the first book of Robin's that I had ever read. Much different than Deliver Us From Evil, (but equally suspenseful), Fear No Evil tackles the topics of domestic violence, gang violence, murder, abusive pasts and aging parents.  

Fear No Evil picks right up where we left off with Lincoln and Brannon, and begins telling the story of Lincoln Vailes, the injured park ranger who is forced to change careers. Lincoln moves home to Louisiana to help take care of his father, a former pastor who has been stricken with Alzheimer's disease, and finds another woman in his life, Jade Laurent. 

Jade is a social worker with a horrific past, and she makes it her goal to protect other women and children in hopes that they will not endure what she witnessed as a child.  When Jade crosses the line and becomes too personally involved in a case she’s working on, she finds herself the target of harassment and violent crime.  

Lincoln meets Jade when he responds to an incident at the Women's Hope Center where Jade works, and from that point on their lives are intertwined both personally and professionally.  Although the storyline is complex and involves many characters, I found it easy to follow.  In fact, I become completely absorbed in the characters and found the book very hard to put down.

I like that Robin interjects romance into her books, but doesn’t allow it to become “syrupy” sweet and unbelievable.  Her characters face intense, hard-core situations with subject matter that is completely relevant and could easily be ripped from the headline news.  Robin’s characters are tested and challenged, and the reader is taken to the brink right along with them.    

As a Christian author, Robin’s faith is evident throughout her books and I appreciate the fact that she offers such high quality, INTERESTING stories – that are clean and adhere to her morals.  Robin is living proof that you can write intense, gritty fiction without compromising your Christian beliefs.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be meeting up with some of these characters again in a future Robin Caroll novel!  **UPDATE** (from Robin Caroll herself!!)  Actually, there IS a 3rd book in this's Maddox Bishop's story...In The Shadow of's already up on Amazon, releasing in March. :) And honestly, Maddox has been my favorite hero to date.

If you missed my review of Deliver Us From Evil back in February, check it out HERE    It's one book you don't want to miss!  Although it's not necessary to read Deliver Us From Evil first, I suggest you read both.

Thanks to B & H Publishing Group for providing a free review copy of Fear No Evil.

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