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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World - What To Do When Life Doesn't Go According To Plan

Debbie Williams helps women realize through biblical teaching and true life stories that settling for less in life is not an option when things don’t turn out as planned. 

Rather than simply accepting failure or settling for less in what the world calls Plan B, women can approach life with their own Plan A spirit and let God reignite their hopes and dreams. Women grow up dreaming of the life they hope to have. Many have prince charming in their plans. Perhaps a good career, long life, happy and obedient children, and good health. But plans often do not materialize in the reality of their lives. 

Marriages fail in alarming numbers,
health problems arise, parenting turns out to be a much tougher job than expected, and all of a sudden Plan B sets in. In this bold and uplifting book by Debbie Williams you will discover that, no matter where Plan B has you headed, you don’t have to simply discard the Plan A Woman you always wanted to be. In fact, even in the harshest head winds of struggle Williams encourages and inspires you at every turn to move from the discouragement of the Plan B world into the fulfillment and overpowering joy of God’s Plan A for your life. 

• Encouraging true stories of women who have faced Plan B
disappointments and tragedies and trusted God to fulfill their hopes
and dreams.

• Gives practical advice from women on how to have a Plan A spirit.

• Helps women gain a sense of humor about Plan B circumstances.

• Helps women discover and unarm land mines that can maim
relationships and emotions when Plan B circumstances arise.

Debbie Williams is the head of Hill Country Ministries that stresses the importance of prayer and women living in obedience to God’s Word. She speaks widely around the country and has a very popular web site that ministers to women. See

She is the author of Pray with Passion, Live with Purpose and other books.

The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World by Debbie Taylor Williams
Leafwood Publishers
Trade paper $US 14.99
ISBN 978-0-89112-641-6
224 pages

This is an interesting book because the author shares true stories of real women who have had to go with “Plan B”  and then combines those stories with biblical truths.  The Plan A Woman in a Plan B World is about giving your dreams to God and allowing HIM to be in charge.  Many times, we try to direct our own steps and then face huge disappointments because we’ve wanted life to go our way instead of  being in the center of God’s will.  One of my favorite parts of the book is right in the beginning where Debbie gives biblical examples of women who had to go with “Plan B”: (Eve, Noah’s wife, Sarah, Rachel, Leah, etc)   It was humorous to read yet showed very applicable examples that sometimes, life just doesn’t go as planned.  Debbie addresses what she calls “land mines”, which are actually nine areas in a Christian’s life where they might be tempted to put their faith on a shelf and give up.  She writes about how to keep these land mines
disarmed and live out the blessings of a life built on faith and trust in God.

This book was provided free for review by The B & B Media Group, Inc.

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