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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Second Chance

Second Chance is an exciting, interesting read for fans of romantic suspense. 

Author, Karina Harris, beckons her readers to jump right into the complicated life of Avalin Summers on the very first page.  As the story begins, Avalin and her brothers are trying to adjust and grieve the unexpected loss of their parents when they receive word that their parents may actually still be alive.  

As the siblings begin to process the news that their parents may have had connections to spy activities, they also learn that they themselves, could be in danger from the information their parents had access to. 

In the midst of all the confusion and chaos, Avalin finds herself dealing with feelings of attraction to Ian, the Special Agent assigned to her family’s case. As this adventure unfolds, readers are taken on an exciting journey to a foreign land filled with suspense and romance.

This book was provided free for review by the author, Karina Harris

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