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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Secret of the Shroud (formerly Walk Back The Cat)

If I had to choose one word to sum up this book, I’d probably say “intense”.   

The first page caught me completely off guard and although for most of the book I wasn’t sure where the story was headed – I was compelled to keep reading and find out!  The story weaves in and out between New York City and Jerusalem, 33 AD.  Although there are a variety of characters, the story primarily focuses on the educated, arrogant and very disturbed Archbishop, Wesley Bright.  

Wesley is determined to prove that traditional Christianity is nothing more than obsolete theories.  He also believes that his leadership is strong enough to modernize Christianity and make it more relevant to the twenty-first century.  (Sounds like something you’d read in today’s news!)  

Wesley considers Jesus a “myth” and is incensed by the attention that the Shroud of Turin is receiving.  As the story intensifies, Wesley is obsessed with proving that the Shroud is fake and in the process he becomes willing to go to any length to maintain his status and power.   This book is a mixture of suspense and intrigue – definitely a page turner! This was the first book of Pamela’s that I’ve read and I think it will be a successful re-release.

NOTE: This book is re-releasing September, 2010

This book was provided free for review by B & H Publishing Group

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