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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Exposed by Ashley Weis

Ashley Weis came up with the idea for Exposed, from the depths of her own painful experience.  After discovering her husband was addicted to pornography, she slowly made her way through her own personal nightmare.  After she blogged about the healing process that she and her husband went through, she was bombarded with emails and contacts from women who had gone through the same heartache or were currently experiencing something similar.

Ashley wrote this novel so that other women will know they are not alone.  Part of the proceeds from the sale of Exposed will go to help support various non-profit organizations that are helping those who are affected by pornography.  You can read more about these organizations in the back of the book or by visiting the author's blog at Exposed A Novel

Exposed is the fictional story of Jessie and Ally Graham whose fairy tale marriage is shattered within seconds.  When Ally accidentally bumps her husband's computer mouse, the image on the screen stops her cold.  

As the realization begins to sink in of what her husband has been looking at - Ally feels that her whole life has been a lie.  From the sweet courtship and proposal to her seemingly "perfect" marriage - it all collapses into a mess right before Ally's eyes.

When Jessie admits that he has an addiction, Ally struggles with the choice of whether to stay or go.  The more they try to work things out, the more details she discovers and is taken to the brink of what she feels she is able to handle.  The heartache deepens before it begins to heal and Jessie and Ally's marriage hangs in the balance.

What I found so interesting about this book is that it also tells the story of Taylor Adams, a young women who is desperate to support herself.  Lonely, broke, and suffering from very low self-esteem, Taylor turns to the only man who has ever made her feel valued and finds herself slowly sinking into the dark, painful profession of a porn star.  

This is not an easy read.  It's very difficult at times to stomach what Taylor is being put through and though the details on both sides of this story are gritty and somewhat graphic, Ashley Weis handles the subject matter with grace. 

This book is the perfect example of victims on both sides of this industry.  Those who are paid to work it - and those who pay to watch it.   

I applaud the author for taking on such a sensitive topic and admitting the struggles that she and her husband faced.   I think this book will be an encouragement for other women and I highly recommend it.

Purchase a copy of Exposed HERE

Special thanks to ClickingHerHeels for sharing her review copy of Exposed.

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