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Thursday, September 30, 2010

For Time & Eternity by Allison Pittman

When Camilla Deardon hears their songs coming on a breeze, they sound just like the songs in her own church. This is all she knows of the Mormons camping near her family's farm. Mama and Papa warned her to stay away, but she doesn't understand their fear, especially after meeting a young Mormon man named Nathan Fox. So handsome. So charming. His eyes hold the very image of this Zion he talks about, and his step seems a promise to take her there.

Though Camilla knows she should obey her parents, she can't refuse her heart. But Nathan's promises can never prepare her for what she will face in Utah. She's been willing to share her husband's faith, but can she share her marriage with another woman?

Cafe Lily's Review:

For Time & Eternity, the first book in The Sister Wife series by Allison Pittman, was very interesting to me because I hadn’t ever read a Christian historical fiction novel about Mormon culture.  Being raised in Utah, and married to an ex-Mormon, Allison definitely knows her subject matter.   

In this book, Allison writes about the Mormon marriage ceremony in great detail and I wondered how she knew so much about the “sacred” and secretive ritual.   As part of her research, she spent time in Salt Lake City at Temple Square and also read The Book of Mormon and The Doctrine and the Covenants, as well as talking with and reading posts by ex-Mormons on various online forums. 

For Time & Eternity is the story of a young woman who falls in love with a man and finds herself having to choose between her traditional Christian upbringing or following her heart and converting to the Mormon religion of her beloved.   Although warned over and over not to follow after the Mormons, she ends up going against her parent’s wishes and running away to marry her beloved.  The first part of her marriage seems like a fairytale. 

Years later when her husband begins dwelling on the idea of adding a second wife to the family does she realize that this is not the life she hoped for.  She feels convicted about leaving her parents as well as walking away from God and His Word into a false religion.  However, because she has two young daughters to consider, the choice of whether to stay with her husband and accept his decision to marry another woman or leave him and go back to her parents is much harder than she realized.

The story is intense, emotional and very interesting, although I anticipate that Allison Pittman will take some hits by those who will not agree with her accurate portrayal (and exposure) of the Mormon religion.  This book is unique – not your typical Christian fiction love story and that’s part of what kept me turning the pages.  The subject matter was so unusual and so different that it was a breath of fresh air to read.  For those who love historical fiction – this is a gem.

This book is a cliff hanger at the end and I hated to close the book!   Thankfully there is an excerpt of Chapter 1 from the second book in the back so I have an idea of what happens next.  I am anxious to read the second book in this series, Forsaking All Others

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Thank you to Allison Pittman for providing me with a free advanced review copy of this book.

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