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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Perfect Blend by Trish Perry

Twenty five year old Stephanie Vandergrift leaves her hometown of Baltimore to marry the man of her dreams, despite the disapproval of her parents and friends.  Head over heels in love with wealthy attorney, Rick Manfred, Stephanie arrives in the sweet little town of Middleburg, Virginia where she and Rick have planned to elope. To
Stephanie’s horror, Rick is nowhere to be found when she shows up. When she checks Rick’s office to see if he’s working, she is told that he’s taken a “sudden” leave of absence. And just like that, Stephanie’s dreams vanish – along with her wedding day. 

Homeless, jobless and heartbroken, Stephanie has no idea what she will do.  Her entire life and most of her belongings are packed into her car. As she collapses into a sobbing mess on the sidewalk outside of Rick’s office, she is lovingly rescued by motherly Milly Jewel, owner of Millicent’s Tea Shop across the street. Milly offers “tea and sympathy” along with a temporary part-time job while Stephanie figures out what she’s going to do.   

Too embarrassed to run home and admit her wrong, Stephanie decides to stick it out in Middleburg and see if she can make a go of it. As she settles in and adjusts to her new life, Stephanie meets several new people during her stay in Middleburg, including the town’s handsome hotel owner, Kendall James. Stephanie’s new friends and roommates, Christie and Liz, dub Kendall “Mr. Cutie Pants” – a nickname that serves him well as far as Stephanie is concerned.   Just when she thinks that life has settled into a nice routine and she opens her heart to the prospect of getting to know Kendall better, Stephanie’s ex-fiancee’ shows up and muddies the waters all over again.
A delightful read filled with fun, quirky characters that will make you long for a hot cuppa tea and a scone!  Don’t miss the recipes in the back of the book which include Milly’s tea sandwiches, scones and berry shortcakes.

Book One in The Teashop Series, The Perfect Blend is a cozy, heartfelt story, sure to please tea lovers and book lovers alike.

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Many thanks to Karri James at Harvest House Publishers for providing me with a free review copy.

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