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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Petra City of Stone, Lost Cities Series - Book One

Readers are transported back in time with T. L. Higley’s newest work, Petra City of Stone.  This book is the first in the Lost Cities series. 

The vivid, detailed descriptions in the book are very accurate because Higley actually went to Petra to do some research and get ideas for this book.  The story opens with Christians being persecuted and devoured by lions, by the harsh Roman government.  In order to escape persecution one of the main characters Julian, flees Rome and heads to Petra where he meets Cassia.  Cassia is a recent widow and is searching for her husband’s family in Petra, when she discovers that her young son is heir to the throne.  

Determined to keep her reign, the evil queen of Petra begins plotting against Cassia and her young son. Calling upon the demonic powers of darkness, Queen Hagiru’s schemes appear to be powerful enough to snuff out the lives of Cassia and her young son, and she takes Alexander captive and vows to have him murdered.  Cassia finds strength from her relationship with Julian and other believers who band together and plan to rescue young Alexander.

An entertaining classic story of light versus darkness, good versus evil.

This book was provided free for review by B & H Publishing Group


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