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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Predator by Terri Blackstock

If you’re a member of any popular networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or MySpace – I urge you to read this book.   

If you’ve not been too concerned about the amount of information that you’re giving out when participating online, or whether or not you’re putting yourself at risk – this book will make you think twice.  Please – READ THIS BOOK!  

Are you “friending” people online that are complete strangers?  Do you ever wonder if those in charge of social networking sites are abusing your information or snooping?  
This story is a perfect example of how technology can be used for good………and evil.  It was eye opening and made me think long and hard. The storyline revolves around an online predator who is stalking people through the popular GrapeVyne network. As the perpetrator makes “friends” with complete strangers online, they are able to gather enough information to target their victims and murder them.  

In every case, the victim brings the predator right to them by sharing details of their locations and their activities. When Krista Carmichael’s young teenage sister is kidnapped and then brutally beaten, raped and murdered, Krista goes on a mission to find the perpetrator.  Krista discovers that her sister has over 1,000 “friends” in the GrapeVyne network, and that the killer used online information to target her sister.  

Krista begins to investigate and discovers how slippery the slope of internet networking can be, when used incorrectly. She tries to prevent others from making the same mistakes that her sister did and begins talking to young teenage girls about their online activities.  In an effort to find her sister’s killer, Krista sets up a bogus online identity in an attempt to lure the killer to her doorstep. Krista also implores the help of Ryan Adkins, the CEO of GrapeVyne, much to the chagrin of his board members. 

Together, they set out to make the public more aware of dangerous online activity and implement tougher security measures to help make GrapeVyne a safer online community.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who participates in an online community – you’ll never look at cyberspace the same again. Parents of teenagers should especially read this book and then have their teens read it as well.

Overall, Predator is a good reminder to be very careful about what you share online.  While this story *is* fictional, it also shows the possiblities of how something as useful as the internet can turn pure evil when it falls into the hands of the wrong person.

This book was provided free for review by Zondervan

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