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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Snowflake by Jamie Carie

"By noon the feeling of warmth was a hazy, rose-colored memory.  It was easy to forget why we were doing this. Why had I let Jonah drag me across a continent in 
search of a pot of gold?"

Ellen Pierce faces the most daunting journey of her lifetime when she is forced by her brother Jonah to join his chase of Alaskan gold. When the steamer they are traveling on becomes locked in ice, Jonah’s wild behavior turns more erratic as he teeters on the brink of insanity.  

Jonah, lusting for gold, decides that he and Ellen will join up with Buck Lewis and his group who are willing to take their chances and travel by foot and dog sled to Dawson City.  Though the odds are against them, the weather is brutal and the food is likely to run out, Jonah is willing to risk it all – even his sister’s life, for a chance at striking it rich.

When the journey begins to take its toll, Ellen finds herself leaning more and more on Buck and falling for a man who keeps his heart under lock and key. 

The Snowflake is a heartwarming read that will draw you in and hold your interest until the very last page.  Jamie Carie combines interesting bits of history with endearing characters and I found it very easy to get engrossed in this tale of adventure, risk and romance.  

Scheduled to release October 1, 2010.

Author, Jamie Carie made her debut with Snow Angel.  For more information about Jamie or her books, visit

Thanks to B & H Publishing Group for supplying me with an Advanced
Reader Edition of The Snowflake

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