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Friday, September 3, 2010

Uncle Sam's Plantation

Welfare is a sociological monster, perhaps birthed with the best of intentions, but now unwieldy and insidious, damaging the very people it was intended to help. – Star Parker, Uncle Sam’s Plantation

Star Parker is a woman who knows her subject matter inside and out.  A former welfare recipient herself, Star shares openly and honestly about what a trap the current welfare system is, and how dumbed down Americans have become, thinking the government is able to take care of them.  

I first saw Star about a year ago on a television program and was fascinated at just how honest she was about her past and how welfare is easily abused. Even more frightening was the fact that Star’s caseworker encouraged the abuse and looked the other way on purpose, to keep from having to actually do her job.  As a woman who pulled herself up by the bootstraps and worked her way off of welfare, I have tremendous respect for her as a person and the impact she is trying to make on society today.  She is educated, articulate and desires to help others improve their life and become contributing citizens of their local community. 

Star is a straight shooter and addresses point blank the sense of entitlement that many welfare recipients and welfare abusers hold onto.  She is working hard to expose the wrong thinking and teach people that they are being trapped into a cycle of poverty and dependence.  One of Star’s main issues is that this sense of entitlement has created a laziness and sluggard mentality and too many excuses are being made by those who are on welfare (by choice) as to why they never get ahead.  Star points out in this book that many immigrants from different backgrounds have come to America with next to nothing and have moved into middle class in just one generation.   Why are they able to get themselves rooted and stable, and yet others who are born here in America  It’s very much due to mental attitude and a personal work ethic.  As part of her travels, radio talk shows and speaking engagements, Star has received death threats and other forms of verbal abuse by those who oppose her straight forwardness and truthfulness.   

I applaud her for not backing down and cowering to those who would try to silence her stand against the greed and laziness that has permeated our society.

This book was provided free for review by Book Sneeze (Thomas Nelson Publishers)

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