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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Confirmation

If you enjoy political fiction and drama, don’t miss out on The Confirmation by Ralph Reed.

This is a very fast paced, exciting story and is the follow up book to Reed’s debut novel, Dark Horse.  I like how this book grabs the reader and takes off right from the first page. The story is relevant to today’s headline news and makes for a fast moving page turner.  Readers are taken behind the scenes to life in the White House which is full of back-stabbing, undermining and drama.

As former California governor, Bob Long assumes his new presidency he also assumes the threats of terrorism and nuclear warfare along with hard-core issues of abortion, sex scandals and same-sex marriage that have been plaguing the White House.  As tensions mount, Supreme Court Justice Peter Corbin Franklin suffers a stroke and his life hangs in the balance.

With his recovery uncertain, President Long finds himself possibly facing the decision of replacing Justice Franklin, a decision that could cause long term fall out for his presidency. The White House goes on death watch, waiting for news about the Justice’s prognosis.  The President begins to feel pressure from all sides as he finds himself at a crossroads, ultimately having to choose between doing the right thing or caving to those who want to manipulate him.

There is a lot of action and characters to keep up with in this story, but if you enjoy political fiction this story will keep you reading long into the night.

Purchase a copy HERE

This book was provided free for review by Julie Gwinn at B &H Books.

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