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Friday, October 1, 2010

Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half With America’s Cheapest Family

Is it really possible for a family of seven (plus pets) to grocery shop for only $350 a month?   

According to Steve & Annette Economides (yes that really is their last name!), it can be done.   Best known for their title as “America’s Cheapest Family”, the Economides make it look very easy!  Being a religious user of coupons myself, I can tell you that *I* personally haven’t been able to whittle down our grocery bill that much but I’d sure love to try.

In their latest book, the Economide family offers plenty of tricks to save on your grocery bill such as looking over the store ads, shopping more than one store, price matching when possible, using coupons, meal planning, shopping once a month and more.   

While I wouldn’t be able nor want to implement every suggestion they make, there is a lot of good information in this book. Obviously,their lifestyle is working for them. They work together on sticking to their budget and tag team when shopping to split up the work, which helps them each focus on their area of expertise in the store.

Although “once a month” cooking hasn’t been very effective for me personally, it’s a huge budget saver for this family.  There are plenty of ideas on how to buy items at their lowest price and then freeze them for long term storage.  Overall, this book is interesting and would be an excellent read for anyone who wants to cut down on their grocery budget and save money in the long run.

Read an interview with Annette here:

Visit their website here:

About The Authors:
Steve and Annette Economides (Econo mee' dis) were married in 1982. At that time, Steve worked as a graphic designer earning $6.50 per hour, while Annette stayed home to figure out how to stretch their pennies until they begged for mercy. 
In just nine years, on an average income of just $35,000 they purchased and paid-off their first home. They have also paid cash for all of their cars, taken fabulous debt-free vacations, spent only $350 per month to feed their family of seven, and put their kids through college without any school loans. Steve and Annette are quick to say that anyone can do what they do, if they are willing to learn.
They are NY Times Best Selling authors and are recognized internationally as family finance experts. They have appeared on many national TV shows including: Good Morning America, The Today Show, ABC's 20/20, Fox TV's Your World with Neil Cavuto and The Dr. Phil Show. They are regularly quoted on radio, in newspapers and have been featured in magazines such as Good Housekeeping, People and Real Simple as well as profiled on Yahoo and MSNBC (more details here).
Steve and Annette’s interview style is down to earth and easy to understand. They’ll show you how they’ve done it, step-by-step, and how you can you too. If you follow their advice you’ll experience financial freedom, more money in the bank, debt-free living, better family times and lots more laughter.

This book was provided free for review by Book Sneeze (Thomas Nelson Publishers)


~Cindy~ said...

sounds interesting, did you learn anything you didnt know already??

Cafe Lily Book Reviews said...

To be honest, most everything in this book was something I had already read before.

It's a great book for newbies or those getting started with budgeting, but most of what is in this book can be found elsewhere.

Some of their ideas won't appeal to everyone - they use walkie talkies in the store to notify each other of bargains! LOL